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Why Local SEO important for Your business?

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Local Search engine optimization (Local SEO) means that optimizing your local listing in such a way that if someone searches any query related to your listing or business you should rank 1st. For local SEO you should have your website or Google my business account with the required details for LOCAL SEO and if you don’t have any website, we can create one for your business at the minimum budget with required pages and details to showcase your business online and help you to earn more profit Just visit website development page and select our starter plan.  

Why Local SEO is important?

As we all know that digital era is booming day by day and all the businesses rather big or small shifting online market to earn more profit and expand the customer base and this mass shifting of all businesses to online is leading to a high level of competition in the online market also and LOCAL SEO will help you dominate your competitor and rank on google listings that provide you the more business and make more profit in the online market. SEO for your business is really important as someone search any query like Stationery Store near me and user will get result on google like this

Google business listing example for local SEO - IT Streets

As you can see top 3 listings of the same query that the user asked now the user will definitely choose 1st one and that person will get business. That’s the reason why you need local search engine optimization (local SEO) as it helps you to rank your business 1st on google.


  •  It gives you a large customer base.
  •  Get more business.
  • Increase the store traffic.
  •  It Helps to rank 1st on google listing.
  • Help in Branding your business.
  •  Help to dominate the online market competition.

5 ranking factors in Local SEO are:

 1. Google Business Listing

GMB is a free platform to list your business on google and let people know about your business.

Google my business account

Important Steps to be followed while creating Google my business profile:

  • Start your listing name with the most relevant and frequently search keyword or add the service name or type of store you have after that your store name.


  1. Stationery store – {shop name}
  2. Best Stationery {name of place} – {shop name}
  • Add a proper description of your business with relevant keywords used is 1st 90 words.
  • Fill your contact details
  • Enter correct location
  • Verify your location
  • Fill all the fields of information (info) tab
  • Add images of your shop and the goods or services you provide.

 2. Keyword

Keyword plays an important role in ranking on google and on Local SEO. Before adding any keywords to your business listing you should do keyword research and analysis of the traffic and competition on that keyword also check what keywords are used by your competitors. Always use those keywords that are frequently searched for your business also search the alternative or synonyms keywords. You can use many free keyword tools to find the best keywords for your business.  

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Keyword research tools

3. NAPs

It stands for Name, Address, and Phone number is Instances of these three indicators to search engines who you are, where you’re located, and how someone can get in touch with you. You should add NAPs on your site, for the best results on search engines results pages you should add same the NAPs on all the platforms you’re your business is listed so, that that will indicate google search bots that your business is also on other platforms with the same name, address and phone number that I will show to the user on SERPs.

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4. Citation

Citation is an instance of your NAPs on the web it tells google about your business listing on other directories. Citations help build credibility and let Google know you’re legitimate.   

Types of Citations :-

  • Generic Citation: In this, you list your business on the general directories where all type of business is listed.
  • Niche Relevant Citations: In this, you list your business only on relevant directories of business.
  • Geo relevant citations: In this, you list on your business only on relevant directories of your location.

5. Reviews

It also has an important role in ranking as reviews are the feedbacks that you get from customers on the basis of services or goods you sell theme and it let Google know about your service or goods quality and on that basis, google show your business to the users. So, always ask your customer to give feedback on your listing with comments or images of goods.

Note: Never review your business from your own fake id’s as google will mark it as fake review and It can lead to account suspension.


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