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Ways to Promote Restaurant Business for Free



In this period of online marketing, competition among online businesses has become much more difficult as all the businesses are adopting Digital Marketing for their growth and promotion. One of the most popular forms of business is the Restaurant business growing in this digital era which is facing fierce competition to give their best and become successful. 

Here in this article, we are going to talk about some strategies that will help a restaurant to improve their business and attract the hungry stomachs of audiences who are looking for their favorite foodies. This blog is going to be very interesting that will tell you the ways to promote the restaurant business for free.

Ways to promote restaurant business for free through social media

How can you increase awareness for your restaurant business? 

The answer to this question is social media engagement because social media is being used by different age groups creating a huge digital trap for catching qualitative audience to generate leads for your running restaurant business. 

Social media will allow creating your posts in the form of videos and images that are the major subject to attract audiences. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss how social media plays a vital role in the promotion of any business and how it can help in the growth of restaurant businesses.  

Various social media platforms will help a restaurant business in its growth and promotion. 

Go through these steps that will suggest the best ways to promote the restaurant business for free. 

Creating a Facebook Page

Facebook is a very popular social media platform that helps a business in creating a strong brand value and online presence. So, to promote your restaurant business you must need a Facebook page that increases engagement of audiences so that there can be an increment in customers base for your business. Having a Facebook page will let your users easily recognize your business. 

Facebook gives the option of posting either images, videos, texts, or common ideas. Images and videos grab the attention of users and make them familiar with your business product and services. 

Be very much active on Facebook and try your best to understand what your users want from your business. Focus much on self-promotion by posting relevant content about your business regularly. 

Using Facebook will help you to make one step ahead in defining the ways to promote restaurant businesses for free by giving much better ideas for its growth. 

Steps to create a Facebook Page

  1. On the toolbar click on the drop-down arrow and select create the page.
free ways to promote restaurant businesses using facebook
  1. Choose either business or brand or community or public figures as your page category. 
  2. Enter the name for your page according to your business niche and click continue.
  3. Upload profile picture, the cover photo for your page. 
  4. After all this, your Facebook page will appear and from here you can customize your page, invite people to like the page, and create more posts. 

Here in this section, you might have learned much about social media promotion, and now you on your own can imagine several ways to promote restaurant businesses for free through social media tools. 

Ways to promote restaurant businesses through Instagram 

Instagram is the perfect place to share your images and videos. You can promote your restaurant business for free by posting images and videos related to business such as images of menus of your restaurant that will help in the engagement of a huge audience and create a customer base for a business.  

You should upload high-quality images properly defining the menu of your business which provides their favorite dishes to them. This builds your brand value and increases the engagement of customers. 

Try to use hashtags that are relevant and prevalent. Use trending hashtags such a #Chocklateday. Use hashtags according to your niche of the business. 

You can create video reels for users’ informational purposes which should update them about your business. With the reels, you can generate loyalty for your users.

Converting Normal Instagram Account to Business Account

  • First you have to go to your profile and tap three-lined icon on the upper right corner and tap on setting.
Setting option for Instagram Professional account
  • Than you need to tap Account
Account Setting
  • Now tap on switch to professional account
Professional Account
  • Now you have tap Business
  • Than fill your required details and you are complete with your account and now can promote your business.

Advantages of Instagram Posts to Promote your Restaurant Business

  • Gives you knowledge about what are the needs and wants of your customers. 
  • Your product and services can be easily presented on Instagram to promote your brand. 
  • Drives traffic to your business website.
  • Builds good customer relationships. 
  • Advertising campaigns are being launched 
  • Instagram works as a sales booster. 

Important ways to promote restaurant business through Google My Business

The days when people used to move from one place to another in search of their favorite place of flooding, now have changed. In today’s digital era people turn on their internet and do searches on google for the places they want to visit. They can easily search on google for restaurants and it shows the topmost ranking business with their interest. 

What is Google My Business? 

Google My Business is an easy tool that helps your customer to get connected with your business. It helps you to create a profile of your restaurant business and can be one of the best ways to promote restaurant business for free. 

Advantages of Google My Business  

  • High visibility of your business 
  • Reviews improve local SEO 
  • Views and searches increases 
  • It enables users to see information about your business.
  • Increases Sales of your business. 

Steps to Create a GMB Account for the Promotion of your Restaurant Business

  • Go to Google My Business/google profile 
  • Sign in with your business mail 
  • Enter your business name 
  • Fill in all the required details 
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Description
    • Select Category 
    • Add images 
  • Now you will receive a verification code from google 
  • Now you will be redirected to your business dashboard 
  • Add all the products and services 
  • Add your menu 
  • Share your business profile for getting reviews 

Successfully your Google My Business profile has been created. For better ranking, you can read our article on the Importance of Local SEO for Businesses

Ways to promote restaurant business through website  

Having an online presence for a restaurant business is very important in this era of digital growth. For setting up a strong brand name for your restaurant business you need a website that will give a space to set up your business digitally. 

To have an online presence for the restaurant business it is very important to have a website that creates credibility and helps in increasing an audience base for your business that resulting in the generation of leads.

Here are some of the benefits of having a website for a restaurant business 

  • The main reason to have a website for a company is to increase the credibility of your restaurant’s business. Without a website it is not possible to  have a good credibility for any business.
  • Generates a brand name for a company. Brand name clearly states who you are, For what you stand, What goods and services you deal with. 
  • Increases organic traffic to your site and creates a good audience base for your business. 
  • Save much time and money you invest. 
  • You can share daily updates of your business with your customers and can have a 24/7 online presence that makes it easy for your business to be represented in front of your customers whenever and wherever they want. 


These were the ways through which you can easily promote your restaurant business for free and have a growth of it. This article was to guide you so that you can promote your restaurant business for free and have an opportunity for its growth in this digital era. This article has been shared keeping in mind to tell all the genuine ways for promotion of restaurant businesses for free using Social media, Google My Business, and Website. 

If you want a website for your business then you can visit our Website Development page for the best plans.



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